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Davidoff progeny

Versatility and temperament make Davidoff to be an exciting and natural choice for breeding.

Breeders realise that modern time European bred stallions can be a wonderful choice to breed a high performing pony or to mate it with a larger sized mare to create your next athletic park hack. Stunning confirmation combined with a calm disposition.

Davidoff has been bred with some of the most successful dressage and show jumping pony bloodlines worldwide.

He has proven himself as an exceptional sire of calm, talented and highly trainable progeny. If you are looking to breed, you can trust you have the best choice available to you with this well bred sire.

Standing at Stud 2017/18

Davidoff with his owner, Marion Rogerson, and to the right you see some of his show jumping progeny.

Davidoff in Dressage Training with Marion Rogerson

Also see on the right some of Davidoff's progeny.

Welcome to the World - Davidoff Foals

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Davidoff in the News

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Davidoff demonstrating his excellent temperament

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Davidoff's Pedigree

features some of the finest and most successful performance pony lines in Germany and Europe

Davidoff combines the genepool of the best performing dressage and jumping ponies in Europe

The success of Davidoff’s close relatives can be found in books, such as “Westfalen’s Reitponies in Zucht und Haltung”, “Deutschland’s Beste Ponies”,  “Das Deutsche Reitpony in Freizeit und Sport”, “Ausgewaehlte Reitponyhengste Deutschlands”, Stars der Deutschen Reitponyzucht volume 1″, “Stars der Deutschen Reitponyzucht volume 2” and many magazines in Germany and the UK.

As a foal Davidoff has been registered as Westphalian Riding Pony and proudly carries the Westphalian studbook’s brand, just like his dam and sire.

Since coming to New Zealand and maturing, he has been classified and approved by the New Zealand Warmblood Association as Warmblood Pony Sire and his progeny are eligible to be registered with the Warmblood Association under the Warmblood Pony Register.

He is also registered with the New Zealand Pony Breeders Society under the name “Westfalia Davidoff” and his foals are eligible for registration if they fulfill the conditions of an eligible breeding background of the dam.

Davidoff is now a NZWB Premium Sire.

Davidoff's Sire and Dam

Dressman I and Mona

Dressman (Domingo x Nadin St.Pr.)

Dressman has an extraordinary pony dressage championship record with over 100 international dressage wins.

  • He won twice individual European champion
  • 9 times European Pony Dressage Team Champion
  • Champion Prize of the Nations
  • 4 times German National Federal Champion
  • Winner of the pony stallion licensation
  • Winner of the 30-days performance test for pony sires
  • Champion National Prize of the Best

More information about this super sire can be found http://www.reitpony.com/hengste—reitpony/dressman/

Dressman’s breeding record is very impressive, having sired 26 approved stallions and numerous state premium mares, including 7 daughters who have been invited to the Elite Mare Shows. Dressman’s sire Domingo was also a successful showjumper and breeding stallion.

He sired 14 approved stallions and the same number of state premium mares. The paternal dam-line is a highly interesting mare family that has also been very successful.

The mare, Suleika, is the dam of 5 approved stallions and 7 of her 8 daughters were awarded State Premium. Her most accomplished daughter is Dressman’s dam, State Premium Stute (Mare) Nadin. St.Pr.St.

Nadin is the dam of six approved stallions. Her success as a broodmare was recognized when she became the 1992 National Broodmare of the Year.

Niklas I, the dam-sire of Nadin sired five approved stallions and 17 state premium mares. Dressman’s breeding goes back to Dandy who, as a foundation sire, is responsible for the breeding of successful international champions such as Derano Gold, Dornik B and Deinhard B.

Mona (Merafic – Nelson – Golden Echo)

Davidoff’s Dam’s line is just as impressive, his Dam, Mona is by the very successful pony Merafic, who was the leading German pony sire from 1983 to 1990.

Merafic produced several internationally and nationally successful showjumping and eventing champions.

Mona’s dam’s bloodline (via Nazim) brought European Multi Dressage Champion Nadir and his daughter, European Multi Dressage Champion, Napoli.

Don Pedro by Nazim won individual European Championship titles in Dressage and Showjumping, a double talent that is particularly rare. Mona’s brother, Mentos, is still today a strong influence in the German Riding Pony breeding.

How it all began…

Heike early daysHeike Hunscher (formerly Brandt), owner of Westfalia Sport Pony Stud, bred her mare Mona by Merafic to the very successful Pony Stallion Dressman.

Davidoff, a very athletic bay foal, resulted from this combination. When Heike emigrated to New Zealand she took both Mona and her foal by foot with her. Davidoff and Mona were the first ever German Riding Ponies being imported to Australasia. They both arrived in 1995.

Heike’s goals, which she successfully achieved, were to breed performance ponies for dressage, showjumping and eventing competitions with excellent movement and temperament.

Mona whose sire Merafic has produced several internationally and nationally successful showjumping and eventing champions, such as Micado, European Eventing Pony Champion 1989, and Merano, Double German Eventing Champion.

Merafic topped the German National Pony Sire Rating from 1983 to 1990. Mona’s dam’s bloodline (via Nazim) brought European Multi Dressage Champion Nadir and his daughter, European Multi Dressage Champion, Napoli.

KM Performance Ponies were lucky enough to purchase Davidoff, and we are enjoying continuing what Heike started – “Breeding the Ponies of Tomorrow for the Kids of Today”.

Davidoff's sire's bloodlines

Dressman. Davidoff”s sire, pictured at age 25 at a dressage presentation celebrating his outstanding life achievements.

He retired at age 17 from high level competitions and is demonstrating that he still has his athletic movements.

On the right you see some of his progeny who are also Davidoff’s half siblings.

Davidoff's dam's bloodlines

Davidoff’s dam, Mona (pictured).

On the right you see some of her successful relatives, Mentos Junior, Miss Maya and Mary Poppins, all sired by Mentos who is Mona’s half sibling.

Mona’s relatives also include the famous Nadir, multiple individual and team European Dressage Champion, Napoli (multi European Dressage Champion) and Don Pedro (individual European Dressage AND Showjumping Champion).

Don Pedro is one of the rare talents who won both Dressage and Showjumping European Championships.

These championships are the highest accolade in the whole of Europe and attract tens of thousands of ponies competing to get nominated for an entry.

Davidoff's Sire's successes

2 times individual European Pony Dressage Champion

9 times team European Pony Dressage Champion

Winner of the Stallion Licensing

4 times Federal German Pony Dressage Champion

Winner of over 100 international dressage tests

Winner of the Pony Sire Performance Test

Davidoff's progeny

Davidoff's Dressage and Showing Progeny

Davidoff's Showjumping and Eventing Progeny

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Davidoff is available in New Zealand and the USA

First foal in the United States by Davidoff out of the gorgeous State Premium Mare, Aphrodite.

KM Performance Ponies

is located in the Waikato and Davidoff is available via Artificial Insemination nationally New Zealand-wide and in the US.

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